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Free choice is one of the highest of all the mental processes.

~ Maria Montessori

The Upper Elementary program is curriculum is designed to be responsive to the social, emotional, and academic needs of students ages 9 -12 years old or those children in grades four, five, and six. The learning environment is  where children discover, explore, and expand their knowledge of academic subjects of major interest.

In Upper Elementary, we continue cultivating the child’s own desire to learn through a curriculum of abstract and visionary elements of life, where the children are encouraged to see their place within a universal perspective. Students begin to explore where they came from through the study of history, geography, and mythology.

During this time, students continue to develop themselves with the guidance of their Montessori teachers. By working at their own pace, they are able to take ownership of their learning and grow to be independent and self-motivated. They learn how to set goals, manage time, organize projects and access resources—all skills that will help them continue to be academically successful well beyond their time at MMA. In addition to individual work, students participate in hands-on learning and group activities.